Explore space, time, and fairytales as you endeavor to rebuild the Red Door. Though each episode can be experienced in any order, all now have a single story line connecting them to one another! 

Uncover the Origin

Ruby suspects her Uncle Herman knows more than he leads on. But she never imagined this. A race through time and space for the very soul of the future. You and your team must band together to help your allies and thwart your enemies. Or else the mythical Red Door, and all its power, will be placed in the wrong hands…

Boost Your Skills!

You have been given a great gift! The Sight. It would be a shame to squander it. Hone your ability and hit challenging milestones as you train your talents to become a master.

Become A Character!

Join our cast as member of the new generation of future keyholders. Get exclusive content as you further dive in to your role within the story.
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